Preservation of Digital Geospatial Records, the Cornerstone of Europe’s Digital Decade workshop.

28 May 2024. National Archives of Belgium.

The eArchiving Initiative and DLM Geoforum organised an event in Brussels on Tuesday May 2024 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first E-ARK project funded by the European Commission. At this event, the milestones of the last ten years as well as the the challenges of electronic archiving and digital preservation for the next decade were discussed.

The European Union’s digital strategy views the reuse of public sector geospatial information as a driver of economic growth and a key resource to address societal changes. The public sector is a valuable resource for SMEs and startups to create new products and services.

There are many challenges with digital transformation, and more ahead, with the increasing adoption of AI. What, where and how do we manage and preserve, in this digital revolution? With geospatial records being so complex and ever-changing, management, reuse and especially preservation continue to be a challenge. That is why sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas with different stakeholders in this domain is crucial. And the DLM Geoforum is where it can happen, so we invite managers of geospatial records, archivists, solution providers, researchers and policymakers to meet us in Brussels in May.

The hybrid Geoforum workshop brought together managers of geospatial records with data producers, archivists, solution providers, researchers and policy makers, creating a transnational network of geodata preservation specialists. The event was included in the program of the DLM Forum members meeeting and it was open to other experts with an interest in this topic.

Below you can find the presentations from the event.


Gregor Završnik (Geoarh, Slovenia) & Anita Graser (AIT, Austria): What is new in CITS Geospatial specifications and how you can contribute?

Ivars Bergmanis, Sanita, Krumina (Latvian Geospatial information agency): Geospatial Heritage digitization project in Latvian Geospatial Information Agency

Markus Jobst (Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen, Austria): Preservation of digital Geospatial records: perspectives on future requirements in terms of Service-Oriented Architectures and AI

Dr. Marjan Čeh (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Ontology of Geographic Space – a tool for machine-understandable records

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