10 years of eArchiving: Reflections and insights for the next decade – May 2024 in Brussels, Belgium

29 May 2024

Albert Borschette Building

The eArchiving Initiative organised an event in Brussels on Wednesday 29 May 2024 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first E-ARK project funded by the European Commission. At this event, the milestones of the last ten years as well as the the challenges of electronic archiving and digital preservation for the next decade were discussed.

Organisations across both the public and private sectors have a necessity to securely and efficiently archive electronic information, encompassing electronic data and electronic documents essential for their operations. Regulatory compliance and business needs are the two main reasons for archiving information.

Over the past decade, a comprehensive suite of specifications, guidelines, software components, and process descriptions have been published. Subsequently, those documents have been freely distributed to the electronic archiving community through the various EC-funded E-ARK projects. E-ARK is currently operating via procurement, with the Pan-European eArchiving Initiative provided by the European Commission.

The eArchiving Initiative/E-ARK celebrated ten years on the road with a hybrid public event. The event showcased the evolution of the Initiative and featured contributions from the key people involved. The summit tookk place on Wednesday 29 May in Brussels and covered the following topics:  

  • eArchiving reflections, achievements, milestones and challenges.
  • eArchiving experiences, including presentations and discussions with solution providers and stakeholders. 
  • Strategies for archival policies and the implementation of E-ARK specifications and eArchiving components in national archives
  • eArchiving challenges and concerns for the future.

Below you can find the presentations from the event.


10 years on the road. Reflections, achievements, milestones and challenges.

Experiences and use case by sectors

Solution providers implementing E-ARK Specifications

Strategies for archival policies

Challenges and concerns

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