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The aim of this project is to generate E-ARK conformant AIPs from SIPs. The code can be found at

The following three scripts are available:

  1. E-ARK SIP to Archivematica Transfer: This creates an Archivematica transfer (SIP) from a submitted E-ARK SIP, from which Archivematica can be automated to then process and produce an Archivematica AIP.
  2. SIP to E-ARK AIP Generator: This generator creates an E-ARK conformant AIP from an E-ARK SIP, embedding the Archivematica AIP in a second representation.
  3. E-ARK AIP to DIP Generator: This creates an E-ARK conformant DIP from an AIP produced by the SIP to AIP generator.

The AIPs generated using these scripts should comply with the AIP specification laid out by DILCIS and validate successfully using the CommonsIP Validator.