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eArchiving Case

eArchiving Case

The goal of the project was to deploy archival systems to Airbus (on-site) and UKSAV (cloud) to manage their individual content types and deployment requirements. Piql chose to deploy custom configurations of their nHive archiving platform, a very flexible archiving and digital preservation platform which would be E-ARK conformant for SIPs, AIPs and DIPs and would embed Archivematica as the digital preservation engine.

The project created a workflow for the production of E-ARK-compliant AIPs from E-ARK archival submission packages (SIPs) using the general distribution of Archivematica (i.e. there were no changes made to the core Archivematica code) and a toolkit of scripts. The process can be managed by using another Artefactual tool, Enduro, an experimental open-source workflow management tool, as demonstrated in the sister OneClick project. The tools can also be embedded in an API-based architecture, as was done for the nHive implementations at Airbus and UKSAV. All of the elements of the toolkit are available at:

At Airbus, the objective of the Engineering and Science Library project was to integrate the Archivematica-based workflow into a long-term archiving system integrated into their existing document management system (DMS), managing 2D technical drawings, engineering technical documents and certification documents. An on-site implementation of nHive integrated with the IBM FileNet system produced E-ARK SIPs conformant to the ERMS (Electronic Records Management System) content information type specification (CITS) and E-ARK AIPs using the Archivematica workflow.

At UKSAV, the objective of the project was to implement an E-ARK-compliant archival system that would accept their large and growing quantities of scientific manuscripts, books and research documents, both digitised and born-digital. UKSAV wanted a cloud implementation for ease of management, an OAIS conformant workflow, to use the Dublin Core descriptive metadata standard and to provide a public access interface to the archive. The system was realised with a cloud-based implementation of nHive, Archivematica, the workflow toolkit and a customised access portal.