Using eArchiving for FAIR access to long-term geospatial records in the digital economy

October 2023 - Webinar

The sixth training webinar of the eArchiving Initiative series examines the access to long-term geospatial records using CITS, Geospatial Guidelines and specfications.

The sixth eArchiving Initiative training webinar examines how digital geospatial record producers and archives can use Content Information Type Specifications (CITS), Geospatial Guidelines and specifications to support the digital automated users of the future.

The Digital Europe Program aims to make Europe greener and more digital. Inevitably, this increases the importance of accessible, digital geospatial records. A Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) access to a longer time series of geospatial records will be invaluable in making better decisions faster and accepting informed decisions with greater clarity.

To download the slides of this webinar click here.

Video recording

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