Distributed Digital Preservation in practice

May 2023 - Webinar

This webinar explores the use of RODA 5 (Repository of Authentic Digital Objects) to facilitate Distributed Digital Preservation.

This training webinar, presented by Luis Faria and Miguel Guimarães of KEEP SOLUTIONS, explores Distributed Digital Preservation. RODA 5 contains a feature (developed together with the Portuguese National Archives) which allows it to create a network of digital preservation repositories under the control of a central RODA repository.

The main repository can undertake preservation planning, request diagnostic or preservation actions in the remote repositories, receive the reports and metadata, enrich representation information and do risk management.

The central repository has access to metadata but not data, meaning that smaller institutions can delegate digital preservation planning to preservation experts in central institutions like national archives but keep their data private.

All of this is accomplished using E-ARK specifications. The Portuguese National Archives will soon make this service available for Portuguese public institutions, but this feature is available for anyone to create their own networks.

The webinar is presented in two parts:
‒ The first is a theoretical overview which will explain the distributed digital preservation vision, including the architecture, formats and processes.
‒ This will be followed by a practical demonstration of the processes.

To download the slides of this webinar click here.

Video recording

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